Monday, April 11, 2011


We,the SaveAtiqah commitee was very humbled and touched by what we encountered yesterday.We were told that Liyana from Mommamiia Creations and Kristen from webelieveinsecondchances were helping us raise funds for Atiqah.Liyana who is an online entrepuener was going to sell her hand made jewelleries and Kristen was offering postcards for Vui Kong and Atiqah in exchange for some kind donations at a book cafe in Duxton Road called PigeonHole..Naturally,we were all eager to attend to convey our heartfelt thanks to these kind hearts personally.

However,we left with much more than humility and appreciation.We left with an abundance of hope , belief and love.And i'll say,you cant put a price tag on them.Being around our friends from webelieveinsecondchances, the saveatiqah commitee as well as Mr M.Ravi, i realized hope is not lost and together our voice could be loud enough to make a change.I have always thought that the world is a lost cause and the good ones are all in heaven but i was proved that my beliefs were very far from the truth.In that cafe,we were  surrounded by friends who care and would go to the extra mile to help when they didnt have to.:)

Thank you  SecondChances for raising $377 yesterday.However,the commitee has decided to leave the proceeds to SecondChances  for future events funding.Not just for Atiqah,but for Vui Kong and Chun Yin or any death penalty cases in the future.
As we have already reached our $50K mark,we will no longer be holding any donation drives.However,we will continue selling at flea markets every other week and the proceeds will be used for future awareness campaigns and  to help Atiqah's mother and daughter.These are the two people who has been hit the hardest financially as Atiqah was the sole breadwinner of this little household.

Special thanks again to Liyana for coming forward and helping us.To the whole team of SecondChances for the guidance and support.And to M.Ravi.( I am still in awe of this man.The world needs more people like him)

Thank you all for the support,love and encouragement.Hopefully, Atiqah will get the chance to thank you all personally one day.
Till then, we will continue fighting to SAVE ATIQAH.


Second Chances Flea Market

The Save Atiqah campaign committee with her family.

Liyana and her earrings

Postcards for Atiqah and Vui Kong

Pictures taken from SecondChances.

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