Monday, March 28, 2011

Account Statement and usage of funds process.

As promised, we will post periodically our statements here in this blog. The objective of doing this is to provide transparency to all donors whom have kind-heartedly part with their hard earned monies for this cause. We also aim to encourage more donations in this exercise.
Here is the overview process that will take place before any usage of funds:
Once again, thank you to all those who has donate to SAVE ATIQAH!

A big thank you for all those who help out in the flea market!

Thank you all to those who help in this cause and help tireless in the flea market.

As Hafizan put its:

"I had so so so so much fun today.apart from the heat,the sweat & the smell.we made $277 i think and yeah it was an acheivement.

nazifah,tanx for being clumsy at times.FIRST to be there with d stuffs,with a "aku tak tahu ape2 seh" look.=salute you

suzi,organize d clothes.tawar-menawar.dah biasa pong!!=salute you

irda,came wit her son and hubby.suroh draw save iqa...DIER TULIS.
its drw babe.nt write..hehehe.lend a hand with d support of her family.=salute you

hamir,abg logistic kite.takde logistic,takde kedai!!came back after his soccer match (kalah pon.buang current bro)=salute you

shima and arliana,came all the way despite d distance to support.shima.arliana,jauh2 pn kau dtg!!rajin!!suami mesti syg eh?=salute X2

and lastly,lenie...
your heart is far of from angel.not juz an extra mile,but you went beyond dat.apart from her walking terkedek2..she push her physical limts jus to be der.=salute you

there are sm others whom ive nt mention here,Pls tell you friends i salute them.

dnt be to happy doesnt end here.there's more to come.
and like you all,ill be ready...

may iqa knws dat we here are doin our very best to help her.
God help us.insyallah...."

Or as Arliana puts it:
"dear darlins...
firstly,wanna apologize for turning up late...cause i was back from night shift this was super groggy.

nonetheless,i was amazed and touched by the effort that everyone put in.

lenie was limpin away but u could see it in her eyes that she wanna be there and do this for iqah... the strength she has..masyallah..and great thanks to Faizal for alwez being ard..

ifah was also feeling under the weather or shud i say still recovering from her op...but she wants to turun padang all for many wud do it..but she is selfless..
such a pity i missed her blurrr part cause i wud definitely be having tummyache by all the laughter...
thanks to Mr HUbby for comin dwn too..

wati being the businesswoman that she is was doing most of the sales...thanks for that babe..cause the rest of us (ifah,len & me) onli noe how to shop at flea markets not organize one..hehhe..

fizan: when i ferst saw u with the Tee...i smiled...cause u were alwez the semangat one putting in all u can in anytin u do and u still are the same..u came for iqah and it showed thru the Tee..
thanks carrying aiman too..heheh..and being part of the MANpower...

rizila: thanks for carrying aiman and being part of the MANpower too..

and to irda that i missed out...thanks fer comin dwn dear...didnt get to see u..but theres alwez a next time..

love u all..see u all very very soon.. :):)

shima: thanks for shoppin there too..cantik bag VS tu..ehheand turun padang with us too..thanks kak carry aiman...hehe

hamir,for being the one that settles the transportation and stuffs..
and to wifey for comin dwn too... ;);)"

Also special thanks to Izwah & friends whom at the last minute came out with 7 bags of pre-loved items for the flea market. We could not have done this without you, your actions has give us more strength for our cause. And with all of your continued support, we will strive forward to SAVE ATIQAH

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Venue has been confirmed.Here are the details:

Time:11am to 6pm
Add : Hougang St 61 Park. (Opp blk 686)

All proceeds go to the SAVEATIQAH fund.

See you there!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures says a thousand words

This is the drawing that Noor Atiqah's daughter drew yesterday. Is it too late for her to have this? We can't predict the future but we must do all we can in the present so that this little gitl will have her mother back.

Centralized Bank Account - First Milestone

Today marks the first milestone of our cause. We have managed to raise enough funds to open a POSB account specifically for this cause. This will be the only account moving forward for all contributions. We will post periodically our balances, donors funds in and expenses out in this page.

Here is the new account details:

A/C: 032-89590-5

As for date we have raised $2150. We would like to express our thanks to the following kind-hearted souls:
  • Masha Masoot $100
  • Sham Masoot $50
  • Khairullah & Yana $100
  • Hairul $150
  • Farhana $50
  • Izwah $100
  • Ellinda $10
  • Wati & Rizi $140
  • Yasmin Sungkar $90
  • Jasmine $50
  • Anonymous $30
  • Azalia $150
  • Julian $100
  • Kina $300
  • Jaycee $200
  • Kimmy $200
  • Anonymous $230
  • Bu Rys $50
  • Ashner Chen $50

We will still monitor the old accounts for any funds that might have slipped in the next couple of days.

Once again, thank you all and let's SAVE ATIQAH!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Straits Times Today

Here's a snapshot of today's article in The Straits Times. We would like to thank Elizabeth Soh & Xiao Bin for their efforts.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



22 March 2011 

The Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC) wishes to express our utmost disappontment at Shah Alam High Court’s decision to sentence Noor Atiqah M. Lasim to death for drug trafficking.
Noor Atiqah, a 27 year old single mother of a 6 year old girl from Singapore, was found in possession of 342.1 grammes of heroin and 30.3 grammes of monoacethyl morphine at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) on Jan 5, 2009. According to her statement as reported by the media, she claimed that the bag containing the drugs did not belong to her.
We will like to reiterate our stand against the use of the death penalty as a punishment against crimes. We implore the High Court of Shah Alam to look into this matter again, especially so when the result of the sentencing will be irreversible, leaving a young child without her mother.
Thank you.
Rachel Zeng,
Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC)

We want to see them smile again!

A mother.A daughter.A sister.A friend.
She is all the above.She is no saint.With alot of imperfections and flaws just like you and me.But once you spend a little time with her,you,too will be smitten.

She is larger than life.
If she were to be a stand up comedian,she'll be better than Rusell Peters.
She loves fiercely.
She's fiesty.
She could turn rock into a delicacy.She's got magic hands.
Have i mention she's got magic hands? Give her a piece of paper or a cloth and she'll turn it into a beautiful piece of art.
She is full of life and joy.And you cant help but feel the same if you are near her.
So i say if you hate life,stay at least 10km away.:)

I could go on on about how much joy she has brought to my life.How much love she has for the daughter and how much her family dotes on their youngest girl.
Now she is a shadow of her former self.
All i want is to see a daughter reunited with her mother..

A brother who dotes on his baby sister.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Please help our friend Atiqah

Remember her?
IQAH. She has been my good friend since the 1st day i met her in Ping Yi ,14 years ago.I loved her then and ive never stopped.I am beyond devastated by what has happened to her.

 I am sure i am not alone, each and every one of you must have your own stories of time spent with Iqah.

To me,she is one of the most funniest person i've ever met.She is hilarious.As i type this,i swear her laughter was ringing in my mind.It made me smile.I hope ill hear them again.Iqah is alot of other things too.She is a strong woman who against all odds,raise a baby on her own.I always told her how proud i was of her as a mother.Yet,she has a 'filmsy' heart.She cries over the siliest things!.She loves cooking and she is a great one! she would cook for you even if its 3am in the morning! i remember how she would always come over and completely took over the kitchen & chores and told me to rest when i was pregnant with my 2nd..But like any of us,she has her flaws.She loves and trust easily.Sadly,because of these,she is going to lose her life.

Some of you might already have heard it on the news.She has been sentenced to death by Shah Alam High Court on Friday,March 18.She was allegedly caught with drugs on January 2009 & was finally sentenced after 2years.All of us,her personal friends,might be shocked by this news.i had alot of questions when i first found out.It felt so surreal.The last i talked to her,she was telling me how she had found a good job and how she,her daughter and her mother was going to be ok moving forward.

It all started sometime in 2007.She was doing well,professionally.Being a personal assistant to the MD of an entertainment company,not only did it pay well,it has alot of perks.Rubbing shoulders with local celebrities was one of it.Unfortunately,that company shut its doors and Iqah was laid off.That was when life challenges her.As hard as she tried,she couldnt land any job permanently.The jobs she got are temporary ones or on contract.For the next few months,she was living hand to mouth.With a aging mother and a toddler to provide for,she was pressured.But she persevered.

Unfortunately,predators are everywhere.And these bastards can sniff out the vulnerable ones.This time these predators come in a form of a Nigerian man.Being at the wrong time and place,he spotted her and that was it.She was his target.A very single mother who is vulnerable emotionally and desperate for money.He befriended and romanced her.Gave her money and brought her on holidays.She fell for it.He promised her a better life.He convinced her that he will fund a textile business for her in Singapore.Thinking she was to be a business owner,she followed him to China twice to meet with textile manufacturers and visit their factories.Both trips went well.
Then the unfortunate happened.On new year 2009,she receive a strange call from China requesting her to fly over and pick up the textile.Normally the manufacturer would contact her friend.However,in this instance,the manufacturer claimed her friend was uncontactable and was comfortable working with iqah seeing she has been to the factory and meet him in person.She agreed and the manufacturer has arrange for his contact to meet Iqah in Malaysia to pass her the travel allowance.Upon meeting the contact,a Ghana national,he gave her a luggage bag to bring to China so that she has space to pack the textiles back home.This luggage was the trap.Inside this bag,was an envelope which well hidden that it wasnt detected on the 1st scan,what more by Iqah.Unknowingly,she was made a mule,a scapegoat.The rest is history.

The family has been plagued by the high cost of her defence the last 2years.She has a 6year old daughter and i swear her mother has aged these past two years.
The reason why im writing this is to sought help from all of you.They are going to appeal this sentence and they only have 2 chances.Hence,i am planning on organising a fund raiser for her.But i thought ill start from us,former ping yians first.Please contribute how much you can.No amount is too little or too big.This funds will be for her defence fees.Or if any of you have any other ideas on how we can help her,please call me at 96999073.

To contribute,

I UOB Current account

Please comment/PM/sms/ call me before/after transfer.

On behalf of the family,i would like to thank all of you.Please keep her in your prayers.

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If you are not the intended recipient of this email, you must neither take any action based upon its contents, nor copy or show it to anyone.