Monday, March 28, 2011

A big thank you for all those who help out in the flea market!

Thank you all to those who help in this cause and help tireless in the flea market.

As Hafizan put its:

"I had so so so so much fun today.apart from the heat,the sweat & the smell.we made $277 i think and yeah it was an acheivement.

nazifah,tanx for being clumsy at times.FIRST to be there with d stuffs,with a "aku tak tahu ape2 seh" look.=salute you

suzi,organize d clothes.tawar-menawar.dah biasa pong!!=salute you

irda,came wit her son and hubby.suroh draw save iqa...DIER TULIS.
its drw babe.nt write..hehehe.lend a hand with d support of her family.=salute you

hamir,abg logistic kite.takde logistic,takde kedai!!came back after his soccer match (kalah pon.buang current bro)=salute you

shima and arliana,came all the way despite d distance to support.shima.arliana,jauh2 pn kau dtg!!rajin!!suami mesti syg eh?=salute X2

and lastly,lenie...
your heart is far of from angel.not juz an extra mile,but you went beyond dat.apart from her walking terkedek2..she push her physical limts jus to be der.=salute you

there are sm others whom ive nt mention here,Pls tell you friends i salute them.

dnt be to happy doesnt end here.there's more to come.
and like you all,ill be ready...

may iqa knws dat we here are doin our very best to help her.
God help us.insyallah...."

Or as Arliana puts it:
"dear darlins...
firstly,wanna apologize for turning up late...cause i was back from night shift this was super groggy.

nonetheless,i was amazed and touched by the effort that everyone put in.

lenie was limpin away but u could see it in her eyes that she wanna be there and do this for iqah... the strength she has..masyallah..and great thanks to Faizal for alwez being ard..

ifah was also feeling under the weather or shud i say still recovering from her op...but she wants to turun padang all for many wud do it..but she is selfless..
such a pity i missed her blurrr part cause i wud definitely be having tummyache by all the laughter...
thanks to Mr HUbby for comin dwn too..

wati being the businesswoman that she is was doing most of the sales...thanks for that babe..cause the rest of us (ifah,len & me) onli noe how to shop at flea markets not organize one..hehhe..

fizan: when i ferst saw u with the Tee...i smiled...cause u were alwez the semangat one putting in all u can in anytin u do and u still are the same..u came for iqah and it showed thru the Tee..
thanks carrying aiman too..heheh..and being part of the MANpower...

rizila: thanks for carrying aiman and being part of the MANpower too..

and to irda that i missed out...thanks fer comin dwn dear...didnt get to see u..but theres alwez a next time..

love u all..see u all very very soon.. :):)

shima: thanks for shoppin there too..cantik bag VS tu..ehheand turun padang with us too..thanks kak carry aiman...hehe

hamir,for being the one that settles the transportation and stuffs..
and to wifey for comin dwn too... ;);)"

Also special thanks to Izwah & friends whom at the last minute came out with 7 bags of pre-loved items for the flea market. We could not have done this without you, your actions has give us more strength for our cause. And with all of your continued support, we will strive forward to SAVE ATIQAH


  1. May God bless all of u .. I was so touched by the effort and support u all have done.. Thank you so much.

  2. Yea me too..I would to thanx evryone of you! It amazed me & i was soo impressed. Thank you for being soo supportive! Thank You Very Very Much!

  3. when is the next flea market ??

  4. Still finalizing, we will update in due course. :-)

    Please continue to check back.