Monday, April 18, 2011

A bittersweet surprise.

In the midst of doing my revisions,my phone rang.I would normally just shut the ringer off if a call came while im studying.This time,i didnt. My reflexes just would not allow me to ignore the call.
"Hello", a voice from the other line said."Remember me?" the voice continued.Bewildered and with only few seconds to guess who is it,i gave up.It was a voice i found very familiar."It's Iqah,Len!". I jumped off my seat and squealed.Instantly,my spirits were lifted when i heard her voice.It was a different voice i heard when i visited her.The difference then and now was hope.She sounded hopeful.At that moment,i knew that all our efforts will not be in vain.

It wasn't a long conversation.She had 30mins calling time to call her sister,brother,mother and me.The first thing she asserted was that she is fine and treated very well by the wardens.Last few days,an offical from Singapore Embassy ,Mrs Lim visited her and passed the great news to her.The news that we have met our $50K mark and how the commitee is spreading her story every single chance we have.Mrs Lim even joked that she has been quite the celebrity back home.Touched and appreciative,she instantly broke down.Even the two wardens,who are cuffed to her,sobbed tears of joy.Everytime she leaves her cell,her right hand will be handcuffed to a hand of a warden and the same goes for the other side.Iqah has only nice things to say about the prison wardens,who has writen an appeal letter to the courts to ask for leniency  for Iqah.

I told her about the postcards we have collected from the previous fleamarkets with words of encouragements for her.She sounded pleased.She asked about the various friends who is in the commitee and told me to print more pictures of the commitee for her.She reminded me to get motivational books for her on my next visit.The heartbreaking request came when she called me the 2nd time.She wanted me to drive her daughter up to visit her.The longing was too unbearable.

She asked me when and what time will i visit her.She ended the call by telling me she'll be counting the days and to send her love to all of her friends and the well wishes.

I urge the readers of this blog to support and lend us your voice.To reunite a mother and a daughter.Help us win this cause.To bring Atiqah home in the near future! And to raise awareness to the masses so no one shoule ever fall prey to this cunniving bullies.

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