Wednesday, March 23, 2011



  1. Damn!!! The gov knows about this and they don't do anything to their citizens that has been conned out of the country. They can even say "some of them might get the death sentence"!!! CNB hotline number is not good enuff for the ladies as by the time, they are already servin their sentence. Really pity them. And I really salute u for going all out to save atiqah. I'm touched. May this journey work out well.

  2. What kind of friend would i be if i sit back and do nothing? And my efforts would be nothing without support.Thank you and Jan.
    This scam has been going around and its obvious the government has made their stand.So i hope through my efforts,not only will Atiqah be spared but to create awareness to ensure no other ladies suffer the same fate.

  3. I salute you bro...I saved a brunei female friend in the same situation before four years back. She was held in zurich hotel room for nearly two weeks but managed to escape to singapore before i paid for her expenses to go back to her family in brunei.

  4. Bu Rys - You are a kind soul. I'm glad you friend manage to get out.

  5. Yeah my friend refused everytime they told her to carry out the mission. She saved monies given to her for her meals and managed to convince the hotel manager to help buy her the flight ticket to singapore and arrange for taxi to bring her to the airport. She is very very lucky. Hope Atiqah will be LUCKY too.

  6. this really has to stop... I may not know Atiqah, but i am a mother too and i hope with the little help i will b giving in conjunction wif TOC may achieve the dreams of the reunion of mother n daughter... Insyaallah... Amin.

  7. Dear Atiqah,
    I may not know you but i will always pray for you to be well and 12 years will pass very fast,and stay strong... because your family and friends,loves you.

    Allah, maha kaya,penyayang.
    allah,yang lebih tahu yang atiqah ialah tidak bersalah dan diberi peluang untuk bertemu keluarga dan anak anaknya.

    i am sorry for my malay, still practicing. :)
    but i wish you all the best.