Friday, January 20, 2012

V is for VICTORY.

My dear friend,Noor Atiqah M.Lasim has been spared the gallows.The 3 judges of the Court Of Appeal have uanimously agreed to reduce her charge from trafficking to possesion which carries a maximum inprisonment term of 15 years.Taking into consideration a few factors , like her age,her daughter's as well as the weight of the drugs found,she was sentenced to 12 years.After the necessary reductions,she will be reunited with her family sometime in 2017.
A new lease of life was all we wanted for her.

We,the SAC family would like to thank all that has helped us get here.A special thanks to Mr Gobind Singh.Without his dedication,the ending might be different.Thank you to Mr Ravi and the anti death penalty activist- Tian Jing,Rachel,Kirsten,Shirley,Lynn,Liyana.Thank you to Elizabeth Soh from ST .Thank you to our donors who helped us reach our $50K mark in less than 3 weeks.Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes.

A delighted and humbled friend of Atiqah,Lenie.

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  1. Good to be able to save a precious life.
    Many thanks to Almighty God for hearing our prayers.