Friday, March 25, 2011

Centralized Bank Account - First Milestone

Today marks the first milestone of our cause. We have managed to raise enough funds to open a POSB account specifically for this cause. This will be the only account moving forward for all contributions. We will post periodically our balances, donors funds in and expenses out in this page.

Here is the new account details:

A/C: 032-89590-5

As for date we have raised $2150. We would like to express our thanks to the following kind-hearted souls:
  • Masha Masoot $100
  • Sham Masoot $50
  • Khairullah & Yana $100
  • Hairul $150
  • Farhana $50
  • Izwah $100
  • Ellinda $10
  • Wati & Rizi $140
  • Yasmin Sungkar $90
  • Jasmine $50
  • Anonymous $30
  • Azalia $150
  • Julian $100
  • Kina $300
  • Jaycee $200
  • Kimmy $200
  • Anonymous $230
  • Bu Rys $50
  • Ashner Chen $50

We will still monitor the old accounts for any funds that might have slipped in the next couple of days.

Once again, thank you all and let's SAVE ATIQAH!


  1. Hi, I believe there's a flea market at hougang this coming Sunday, can I know if it's near the Punggol community club, opposite the hougang MRT station?

    I've got some brand new soft toys that I plan to donate to charity, but since the family needs help to save her, perhaps I can give to the family instead?

    I sincerely hope she can be spared from the gallows, she seems innocent.

    May God bless her and the family

  2. Hi Inachi

    Thank you for your kind offer. Could you kindly email me your contact details please?

    I will be posting about the location shortly. Myelf or Ifah (who manages this flea market) will be contacting you.

    May God reward you.

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