Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We want to see them smile again!

A mother.A daughter.A sister.A friend.
She is all the above.She is no saint.With alot of imperfections and flaws just like you and me.But once you spend a little time with her,you,too will be smitten.

She is larger than life.
If she were to be a stand up comedian,she'll be better than Rusell Peters.
She loves fiercely.
She's fiesty.
She could turn rock into a delicacy.She's got magic hands.
Have i mention she's got magic hands? Give her a piece of paper or a cloth and she'll turn it into a beautiful piece of art.
She is full of life and joy.And you cant help but feel the same if you are near her.
So i say if you hate life,stay at least 10km away.:)

I could go on on about how much joy she has brought to my life.How much love she has for the daughter and how much her family dotes on their youngest girl.
Now she is a shadow of her former self.
All i want is to see a daughter reunited with her mother..

A brother who dotes on his baby sister.

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