Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SaveAtiqah will be having another flea market!

Second Chances Flea Market

In our continued efforts to raise awareness for our dear friend,Atiqah who has been sentenced to death by Malaysia court,we will be a having a flea market this weekend.As mentioned,though we have reached our  $50K mark, we will continue having flea markets periodically to raise awareness as well as to raise funds for her daughter and mother.
The fight is far from over.With your support and prayers,we hope Atiqah will be given a second chance to prove her innocence.
Please show us support.
Please help us spread Atiqah's story as well as Vui Kong's and Chun Yin's to save others from the same fate.

Date: 16 and 17 April
Time: 4pm to 10pm
Location: at walkway along Tampines MRT line near blk 158 and blk 159 street 12.
                 Lot 18C & 19A



  1. any updates on her? is she holding up well?

  2. Hi Ashner,she is doing ok considering the circumstances.She misses her daughter terribly.But her spirits were visibly lifted after i told her what we were doing and the support she has been getting since her case went public.