Friday, January 20, 2012

V is for VICTORY.

My dear friend,Noor Atiqah M.Lasim has been spared the gallows.The 3 judges of the Court Of Appeal have uanimously agreed to reduce her charge from trafficking to possesion which carries a maximum inprisonment term of 15 years.Taking into consideration a few factors , like her age,her daughter's as well as the weight of the drugs found,she was sentenced to 12 years.After the necessary reductions,she will be reunited with her family sometime in 2017.
A new lease of life was all we wanted for her.

We,the SAC family would like to thank all that has helped us get here.A special thanks to Mr Gobind Singh.Without his dedication,the ending might be different.Thank you to Mr Ravi and the anti death penalty activist- Tian Jing,Rachel,Kirsten,Shirley,Lynn,Liyana.Thank you to Elizabeth Soh from ST .Thank you to our donors who helped us reach our $50K mark in less than 3 weeks.Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes.

A delighted and humbled friend of Atiqah,Lenie.

Straits Time Today

Here is the snapshot of an article on Atiqah featured in Straits Times, 20 January 2011.We would like to thank Elizabeth Soh and Teo Cheng Wee for their efforts.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flea Market Earnings.

Greetings everyone! The Save Atiqah commitee would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your kind support in our cause. We have successfully participated in 3 flea markets and here's an update on our earnings.

First flea market - Hougang

Total earnings :::::::: $227

$227 - contributed to raise $50K

Second flea market - Tampines

Total earnings :::::::: $894

$400 donated to Atiqah's family

$494 RESERVE fund for Atiqah's case

Third flea market - Tampines

Total earnings :::::::: $790

$270 donated to Atiqah's family

$265 for future fund raising flea markets

$265 RESERVE fund for Atiqah's case

We hope you will continue supporting our cause. Without your support, we are nothing. Together, let us believe in 2nd chances!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's time for SaveAtiqah monthly flea!

It's the time of the month again when the commitee members will be come together again for SaveAtiqah FleaMarket!Please show up your support!

 Date: 14 and 15 May ( Saturday & Sunday )
Time: 4pm to 10pm
Location: at walkway along Tampines MRT line near blk 158 and blk 159 street 12.
                 Lot  17B & 17C.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A bittersweet surprise.

In the midst of doing my revisions,my phone rang.I would normally just shut the ringer off if a call came while im studying.This time,i didnt. My reflexes just would not allow me to ignore the call.
"Hello", a voice from the other line said."Remember me?" the voice continued.Bewildered and with only few seconds to guess who is it,i gave up.It was a voice i found very familiar."It's Iqah,Len!". I jumped off my seat and squealed.Instantly,my spirits were lifted when i heard her voice.It was a different voice i heard when i visited her.The difference then and now was hope.She sounded hopeful.At that moment,i knew that all our efforts will not be in vain.

It wasn't a long conversation.She had 30mins calling time to call her sister,brother,mother and me.The first thing she asserted was that she is fine and treated very well by the wardens.Last few days,an offical from Singapore Embassy ,Mrs Lim visited her and passed the great news to her.The news that we have met our $50K mark and how the commitee is spreading her story every single chance we have.Mrs Lim even joked that she has been quite the celebrity back home.Touched and appreciative,she instantly broke down.Even the two wardens,who are cuffed to her,sobbed tears of joy.Everytime she leaves her cell,her right hand will be handcuffed to a hand of a warden and the same goes for the other side.Iqah has only nice things to say about the prison wardens,who has writen an appeal letter to the courts to ask for leniency  for Iqah.

I told her about the postcards we have collected from the previous fleamarkets with words of encouragements for her.She sounded pleased.She asked about the various friends who is in the commitee and told me to print more pictures of the commitee for her.She reminded me to get motivational books for her on my next visit.The heartbreaking request came when she called me the 2nd time.She wanted me to drive her daughter up to visit her.The longing was too unbearable.

She asked me when and what time will i visit her.She ended the call by telling me she'll be counting the days and to send her love to all of her friends and the well wishes.

I urge the readers of this blog to support and lend us your voice.To reunite a mother and a daughter.Help us win this cause.To bring Atiqah home in the near future! And to raise awareness to the masses so no one shoule ever fall prey to this cunniving bullies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SaveAtiqah will be having another flea market!

Second Chances Flea Market

In our continued efforts to raise awareness for our dear friend,Atiqah who has been sentenced to death by Malaysia court,we will be a having a flea market this weekend.As mentioned,though we have reached our  $50K mark, we will continue having flea markets periodically to raise awareness as well as to raise funds for her daughter and mother.
The fight is far from over.With your support and prayers,we hope Atiqah will be given a second chance to prove her innocence.
Please show us support.
Please help us spread Atiqah's story as well as Vui Kong's and Chun Yin's to save others from the same fate.

Date: 16 and 17 April
Time: 4pm to 10pm
Location: at walkway along Tampines MRT line near blk 158 and blk 159 street 12.
                 Lot 18C & 19A


Monday, April 11, 2011


We,the SaveAtiqah commitee was very humbled and touched by what we encountered yesterday.We were told that Liyana from Mommamiia Creations and Kristen from webelieveinsecondchances were helping us raise funds for Atiqah.Liyana who is an online entrepuener was going to sell her hand made jewelleries and Kristen was offering postcards for Vui Kong and Atiqah in exchange for some kind donations at a book cafe in Duxton Road called PigeonHole..Naturally,we were all eager to attend to convey our heartfelt thanks to these kind hearts personally.

However,we left with much more than humility and appreciation.We left with an abundance of hope , belief and love.And i'll say,you cant put a price tag on them.Being around our friends from webelieveinsecondchances, the saveatiqah commitee as well as Mr M.Ravi, i realized hope is not lost and together our voice could be loud enough to make a change.I have always thought that the world is a lost cause and the good ones are all in heaven but i was proved that my beliefs were very far from the truth.In that cafe,we were  surrounded by friends who care and would go to the extra mile to help when they didnt have to.:)

Thank you  SecondChances for raising $377 yesterday.However,the commitee has decided to leave the proceeds to SecondChances  for future events funding.Not just for Atiqah,but for Vui Kong and Chun Yin or any death penalty cases in the future.
As we have already reached our $50K mark,we will no longer be holding any donation drives.However,we will continue selling at flea markets every other week and the proceeds will be used for future awareness campaigns and  to help Atiqah's mother and daughter.These are the two people who has been hit the hardest financially as Atiqah was the sole breadwinner of this little household.

Special thanks again to Liyana for coming forward and helping us.To the whole team of SecondChances for the guidance and support.And to M.Ravi.( I am still in awe of this man.The world needs more people like him)

Thank you all for the support,love and encouragement.Hopefully, Atiqah will get the chance to thank you all personally one day.
Till then, we will continue fighting to SAVE ATIQAH.


Second Chances Flea Market

The Save Atiqah campaign committee with her family.

Liyana and her earrings

Postcards for Atiqah and Vui Kong

Pictures taken from SecondChances.